School & College News | High Percentages for First Choice Primary School Places | Andover & VillagesAn overwhelming majority of parents have been offered a school place at one of their preferred schools by Hampshire County Council today (Monday 18 April 2016).

In total 97.3% of parents applying for a primary school place, in reception year, have been offered a place for their child at one of their three preferred schools, with just under 90% obtaining a place at their first choice school.

For those transferring from infant to junior schools (Year 3), 98.8% got one of their preferred schools, with 97% obtaining a place at their first preferred school.

Figures for 2016 are similar to last year, despite the predicted rising demand for places. In total, Hampshire County Council’s Admissions Service has processed over 15,600 on-time applications for primary school places, with over 260 more applications received for places in September 2016, compared to last year.

Pupils who did not secure a place at one of their chosen schools will be allocated a place at a school near to where they live, with available spaces. In the small number of cases where parents may not have secured a place for their child at a school of their choice, those parents have the right to appeal and can ask for their child’s name to be added to their preferred school’s waiting list. Places can become available if parents change their mind and decide not to accept the offer of a place, or families move home.

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