A woman was rescued from her car moments before it burst into flames this morning by a heroic member of the public.

The woman, aged in her 60s, was driving a Nissan Micra on the A303 near to Solstice Park at approximately 6.50am this morning when, for unknown reasons, her vehicle left the carriageway and ended up in bushes beside the carriageway.

The vehicle started to smoke and then caught fire whilst the driver was trapped inside.

A quick-thinking van driver who was driving behind the woman on the A303 pulled over to assist.

As flames began to engulf the vehicle, the man grabbed tools from his van to smash the back window of the car, before crawling inside and cutting her seatbelt, pulling her to safety from the vehicle.

The vehicle was completely destroyed in the blaze.

Other than smoke inhalation, the woman was not injured. She was seen to by paramedics at the scene and then taken home by officers.

Sgt Russ Griffin said: “This man’s actions were nothing short of heroic – by using his tools from his van, he quickly rescued the woman from her vehicle prior to emergency services attending, and in doing so, he saved her life.

“He put his life on the line to save a complete stranger.

I am sure it isn’t something he expected to be dealing with on a Friday morning drive to work but I have no doubt it is a morning he won’t be forgetting quickly. 

“Once the lady had been checked over, we took her home to recover from the shock – she was extremely grateful to this man and we have nothing but praise for him.”