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Neil Bowen, from Help for Heroes, visited the monthly King Arthurs Way Over 50’s Club to talk to the attendees about the charity, why they started up and what they fundraise for.

It was a very moving hour filled with videos and a talk from Neil. I think it is hard for those of us not connected to the military to understand the extreme repercussions of war and the life changing events for some of those who serve, but this talk was hugely educational and eye opening.

Neil told the room, “The commitment we have to our ‘Blokes’, which he went on to explain covered men and women, does not stop; it continues until old age, and the Blokes can come and go as they need help and support, we never give up on them.” He went on to say, “The first point of contact from Help for Heroes is at the first hospital Blokes are taken to after the incident they are involved in. They are given a rucksack filled with clothes, underwear, toiletries, MP3 player, anything to make them feel human again.”

The Over 50’s were played videos on individual stories for the Heroes that have been helped by the charity. they were extremely moving and thought provoking.

A range of Help for Heroes merchandise was available for the Over 50’s to buy.

It really is a fantastic charity that deserves our support, regardless of opinion on war, some of the service men and women need our support.


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