Harrow Way students compete at Rotary Technology CompetitionThe design and engineering skills of Harrow Way students was put to the test recently at the annual Romsey Rotary Technology Competition. Two Year 9 Technology teams pitted their skills and know-how against students from seven other schools from Romsey, Andover and the Hampshire Area.

On the day, they were challenged to be members of a rescue team travelling cross country.The way ahead was blocked by a crocodile infested river with no bridge but with a suspended cable.They had to design, build and test a vehicle which could cross the river, suspended form the cable whilst carrying a rescue package.

Charles Stewart, Design and Technology Teacher atHarrow Way said: “Prior to arriving at Romsey our students had no idea what the challenge would involve.They had to draw on all their creative and design know-how to create their solution to the task. It wasn’t easy –they needed to be familiar with the use of pulley ratios to change rotational speed and torque and have knowledge of simple DC electrical circuits and switching methods.It certainly brought out their competitive spirit and team working skills.”

Commenting on the Harrow Way team performance the judges said: “Good communication and team working rewarded by one of the most solidly constructed vehicle on the day. Well organised team splitting itself into functions with each member playing to their strengths.”

The RIBI (Rotary International in Great Britain and Ireland) runs a number of national competitions for young people up to the age of 18 to develop their skills.The Technology Tournament is aimed at teams of students interested in engineering and science. In just one day they are required to devise and build a solution to an unseen technical task.

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