Harrow Way Announce Student Leadership TeamIn preparation for the year ahead Harrow Way Community School have announced their 2016/2017 Student Leadership Team. Following a rigorous application process, Head Boy, Head Girl, and their deputies have been named as Matthew Cooper, Tia Fisher, Ethan Hawes and Tayla Dawe. In their new leadership capacity the students will be responsible to Michael Serridge, the Headteacher, all members of the Senior Leadership Team and their Year Leader.

Commenting on the important role the students will play within the school community, Headteacher Michael Serridge said: “The calibre of this year’s applicants was outstanding and I am looking forward to working with Matthew, Tia, Ethan and Tayla. The Student Leadership Team are key to the dynamic here at Harrow Way. These are responsible positions within the school community, often the conduit between the school’s senior teaching team, prefects and students throughout the school. They will proudly represent Harrow Way at numerous functions both within the school and offsite during which times I know they will all be great ambassadors for the school”.

The rigorous selection process involved all the applicants completing a portfolio evidencing a number of completed tasks to demonstrate their commitment such as leading an assembly, taking part in extra-curricular activities and volunteering in the community, along with a letter of application to Mr Serridge. This was followed by an interview panel with the Head, two Year 9 students and Head of Year 10, Lawrie Carter. According to the interview panel the competition was incredibly tough and there was much deliberation before they were able to decide who to appoint.

Commenting on his appointment, new Head Boy Matthew Cooper said: “In becoming Head Boy I have learnt to take responsibility and to lead my team with a calm atmosphere. I have worked very hard to succeed in taking up this role and really want to make a difference alongside the new Head Girl and Deputies, creating ideas with the prefects and senior prefects also recently appointed. I aim to make the school even better than it already is, by introducing new features and improving the already working systems we have at Harrow Way. I very much look forward to making a change around the school to improve life for students and teachers alike I really hope to see my goals become part of something bigger in the community at Harrow Way”.

Head Girl Tia Fisher had the following comment regarding her appointment: “I have always wished, since I was a young child, to be part of something bigger, to be the one creating a positive impact on those surrounding me and to be the person that is able to stand up for those without a voice. I believe that my constant participation in the school community with activities such as conferences, meetings and presentations are the things that have allowed me to be a valid candidate for Head Girl. Now that I have been fortunate enough to secure the position I am even more driven to provide an even better environment for the students of Harrow Way during both their learning and extracurricular activities. To be Head Girl is an honour that should not be taken for granted and I am planning to turn this opportunity into the best thing I’ve ever been offered”.

During the year ahead the Matthew, Tia, Ethan and Tayla will meet the Headteacher regularly, represent students’ views at Senior Leadership Team meetings and liaise with the Deputy Headteachers and their Year Leader before school and during registration periods. The team will be responsible for representing the school at various functions, leading Prefect duties for day to day activities and formal functions at the school. They will all be active members of the School Council and assist with the organisation of the Year 11 Leavers’ Dance.

For more information on Harrow Way Community School, please call 01264 364533 or visit www.harroway.hants.sch.uk. Visits to the school by appointment are always welcome.

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