Harrow Way and Icknield Schools Partner up for a Bake-offAs part of the innovative ‘Harrow Way Guarantee’ (a new scheme designed to help students become more rounded individuals) the school’s Year 7s have led a bake-off with students from Icknield School. Working as partners, the students made and decorated cookies which were then sold throughout Harrow Way to staff and students with the proceeds going to Icknield School.

Deputy Headteacher Mark Warren who introduced the Harrow Way Guarantee said: “As part of this new scheme we asked our students to make a charitable commitment this year and in order to facilitate this we have joined forces with both MENCAP and Icknield School. We have a number of activities planned throughout the year which will hugely benefit students from both schools. For Icknield they get a key opportunity of working with our students and for Harrow Way, the aim is to foster a greater understanding and acceptance of disabled people amongst our students.”

There are a number of collaborative projects going on between the two schools with students from Icknield taking part in Harrow Way’s after school Performing Arts club, due to perform this week in the whole school production of Grease. Next term an ‘Obstacle Race’ is being planned and Harrow Way students are now regular visitors to Icknield, soon to try out some of their clubs. A Harrow Way and Icknield School newsletter is being created to help tell the story of the partnership.

Mark Warren continues: The ‘bake off’ was a great success with Icknield staff amazed at how well the children worked together and how our students could take a ‘back seat’. I was very proud of the way our Year 7s supported their partners to produce some high quality decorated cookies which were sold with all the proceeds going to Icknield. However it was much more about the process than then money and making a contribution to society.”

The Harrow Way Guarantee, launched in September 2015, is a series of activities designed to make the students better citizens with a greater understanding of life both beyond and within their immediate community. Activities are divided into five categories. ‘Performing for a variety of audiences’, ‘take advantage of enrichment opportunities’, ‘make a contribution to society’, ‘be involved in the wider life of the school’ and ‘show all round learning’.

A special Graduation for parents and students in July 2017 will acknowledge students who complete the Guarantee with Pass, Merit or Honours.

For further information on Harrow Way Community School, please call 01264 364533 or visit www.harroway.hants.sch.uk. Visits to the school by appointment are always welcome.

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