Hants Fire & Rescue Release Statement Following Tower Block Fire in West London

Hants Fire & Rescue Release Statement Following Tower Block Fire in West LondonFollowing the tragic events at Grenfell Tower block fire in West London this morning, 14th June 2017, Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service have released a statement:

Area Manager Rob Cole said: “Our thoughts are with those involved in this tragic fire, and our London Fire Brigade and emergency services colleagues dealing with the incident.

“This fire was of a scale that is rarely seen, presenting an unprecedented challenge to the crews responding and their efforts to help the public.

“A full investigation will be carried out by the appropriate authorities, so it would be wrong to speculate on the circumstances around the incident.

“It is important that anyone living in a high-rise building knows what to do in the event of a fire and makes sure they are familiar with their building’s emergency plan.

“If you are not aware of the emergency plan for your building, contact your building owner, landlord or warden.

“All buildings are designed with fire safety in mind and the plan may differ depending on factors related to the individual property.

“We encourage you to look at the advice on living in high rise buildings on our website, in particular Safe and Sound where you can view advice and complete a personal safety check on your home.”

The law requires building owners or managers of high rise buildings to ensure that appropriate fire precautions are in place to safeguard people living or working there. In some cases, this may require the fitting of sprinklers, rising mains, ventilation or fire alarm systems, although fire alarms are not necessarily required in the common areas of all buildings.

Anyone living in Hampshire can request a free Safe & Well visit from the Fire and Rescue Service – by following this link: https://www.hantsfire.gov.uk/keeping-safe/loveyourhome/safeandwell/safe-and-well-referral/

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