Following a weather warning from the Met Office for Andover and most parts of Hampshire, Hampshire county council is preparing for the icy and potentially snowy weather, which was forecasted last week by The Weather Channel, and now by the Met Office.

It is expected that Andover will experience snow tomorrow and Wednesday.

Since January the 1st, 2019, the Council’s winter fleet had spread roughly 3,400 tonnes of salt to over 40,000 miles of road.

The councillor of The Environment and Transport at HCC said that their teams are on 24-hour standby, sevens days a week.

The council’s 43 “state-of-the-art gritter” vehicles are fitted with the latest technology to guarantee the most accurate and efficient salting of roads, these gritters are fitted with full GPS guidance and automatic salt delivery.

Hampshire County Council generally treats the roads with salt prior to the temperature dropping to freezing to reduce frost and ice forming.

The roads are salted in a priority stage, the main ones are always treated first, then less important roads follow. These are called A, B and C roads.

Hampshire County Council suggests adapting the way you drive this winter when the conditions can make driving more hazardous, RAC and RoSPA have advice on their websites.

If anyone is worried about an elderly neighbour or relative, they should call Hampshire County Council’s Adults’ Health and Care team on 0300 555 1386, during the week in working hours (8.30am to 5pm, Monday to Thursday, 8.30am to 4.30pm Friday), or call 0300 555 1373 out of hours and on weekends and Bank Holidays: or visit the web pages for more information:

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