Hampshire County Council Reassures on Home Care Workers Wages

Following suggestions that most councils do not pay their carers for travel time, Roy Perry Leader of Hampshire County Council sought assurances that Hampshire did indeed factor in travel time for carers, as they travel from one client to another. He has been assured that the rate agreed with the private organisations that provide carers across Hampshire, enables all carers to be paid for travel time.

From next April Hampshire County Council Council has agreed a consolidated rate of £15.20 an hour to be paid to the providers. HCC are completely satisfied this enables carers to be paid fairly and the rate includes an element for travel time.

Roy Perry said, “I am pleased to receive the assurances that even in a large rural county like Hampshire we do pay carers for the time they spend travelling between appointments. That is only fair on the carers.”

Prompting the response from Hampshire County Council was a report by the BBC which stated, according to ‘Freedom of Information’ figures, home carers wages and the fact that only 6% of local authorities make it a contractual condition for care providers to pay workers’ travel time. Non-payment of travel time means many are not paid the minimum wage of £6.50 an hour, Unison says.

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