Choosing the Perfect Wedding Car

Planning a wedding takes a lot of time and effort. The overwhelming pressure of getting every detail right can leave you feeling stressed and anxious. One minute you’re a sweet bride and the next minute, you’ve turned into an obsessive or intolerably demanding Bridezilla, even though you expressly swore you NEVER would. There are so many things to remember and sometimes it’s good to get a little help from the experts to offer some guidance.

Your wedding transport may seem low on your list of priorities, but just trying getting into a normal car with a wedding dress with a large skirt or with several bridesmaids and large bouquets could be an impossible task.

Wedding car and limo hire specialist, Limo-Scene gives the following advice on choosing your Wedding transport.

Every aspect of your wedding day requires your undivided attention and none more so than your wedding car. Wedding car and limo hire specialist, Limo-Scene, knows that wedding cars play a key role in making a memorable entrance and how nothing beats the pleasure of travelling in opulent luxury and style.

Size does matter

Before choosing the car you’d like, it is important to know the number of guest you are transporting. The number of passengers will allow you to determine the size of your cars and how many you will need.

Vintage, classic or modern cars?

Deciding which type of car you want will help you in your search. Vintage cars are generally made between 1919 and 1930. Classic cars such as the Van Dam Plas Princess Wedding Car are from the 1940s up until the 70s. Although these cars are no longer in production, they remain hugely popular with brides. If you are looking for something more modern, try the Baby Bentley or cars like the Mercedes or Aston Martin.


Selecting the right wedding car to compliment the style and theme of your wedding is crucial. Once you have decided on a theme, selecting a car will be much easier.

Dress code

Nowadays, couples prefer their chauffeur to wear a suit and tie, rather than the old fashioned uniform that is associated with chauffeurs. Make sure you specify your requirements to your wedding car and limo hire company.

Protection from the elements

Ask your wedding car and limo hire company if they supply blankets and large umbrellas in the cars to protect you from any extremely unpleasant weather – there’s nothing worse than ruining your hair and makeup on your wedding day.

Book early!

Avoid disappointment and book your wedding car well in advance. Couples tend to booking up to 9 and 12 months early, which is the reason why many wedding car and limo hire companies take bookings up to 18 months prior to the wedding.

Added extras

Most wedding car and limo hire companies to provide you with a complimentary bottle of champagne (or a non-alcoholic beverage) for the journey to your wedding venue – why not ask if you can bring your own bottle of Moet? Also, ask about the colour of the ribbons for the car you have selected. The wedding car hire company can advise you on the types of ribbons available for your chosen car.

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