Good Quality Pumpkins Available at KenyonsKenyons stock a wide range of products outside of core fresh daily produce. They aim to provide a wide variety of products from charcoal, frozen fruit and croissants, limiting the amount of time you spend contacting suppliers.

Please see below for a break down of some of the products available.

Fresh Fruit & Vegetables

They purchase fresh first class produce daily and also look to source produce from local growers where possible. They stock a wide range of vegetables, fruits and salad items, which are expected, and also look to source more exotic varieties which may not be available at the local supermarket.

Fresh Meat & Dairy products

Sourced locally they have a range of meat products including sausages, bacon, liver, beef and chicken so you can create the complete meal. They also stock a variety of dairy products including milk, eggs, cream and cheese.

Frozen Products

A new line of offerings have been included. Frozen products ranging from fruit salad, to croissants and even fish cakes are now regularly stocked in the shop.

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