Mens Health Week

Anyone who runs a men’s community engagement club, or who intends to establish one, is called by the Hampshire County Council to enter the fresh men’s business network in Hampshire.  The network was developed to help people to improve physical and mental well-being connections.

Minister for Health Judith Grajewski said, “Men’s Health Week is a excellent chance of entering into health and well-being talks. Men who gather frequently, either socially or through sport and hobby, can contribute to the physical and mental well-being of each other. The network will operate with fresh and current Hampshire men’s organizations to link them to a broader network and provide them with funds to promote excellent physical and mental health.’ Evidence demonstrates that males are under-utilized in health facilities or in preventive health controls, making them more likely to encounter health and mental health problems.

The Men’s activity network seeks to create conversation and prioritize men’s well-being simpler and more desirable. It provides guidance and data on the start or running of a group, on courses and abilities, prospective access to financing to support group operations, on the funds available to attract fresh participants and on the opportunity for project exchange with other local organizations.

The Network is accessible to society, sporting, woodwork, gardening and other casual organizations where people gather frequently. More information can be found and you can participate online. The Men’s Health Week takes place between 10 and 16 June.

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