Gardens Hit With Damage After Summer Heatwave

The recent unexpected British heatwave is causing problems for homeowners across the UK as they battle to save their scorched lawns, according to new research.

A survey of 1,022 UK homeowners carried out by garden seed specialist, The Grass People, has revealed that although welcomed by many, the blazing summer heat has in fact destroyed gardens, leaving 72% of Britons with charred lawns.

Worryingly, the majority of Brits (65%) confess they do not know the steps to take in order to revive their damaged gardens.

Of the Brits with damaged grass, more than 1 in 5 (21%) are even planning to completely replace their lawn in a bid to restore it back to its natural beauty.

37% of homeowners actually believe it would be cheaper to replace burnt lawns completely rather than paying to revive them.

Chris McIlroy, Technical Advisor at The Grass People said “Whilst the recent heatwave has brought lots of happiness to the nation, sadly our lawns have been subject to damaging effects.

“The luckiest have just had to contend with a little dryness, whilst those less fortunate are faced with yellowing or even brown grass. Many people are wondering what steps to take to repair the damage and so those people will be glad to learn that grass is surprising resilient and will return to its former glory with some much-needed moisture.

“If no improvement is noticed following several days of rain then it may be that the grass has died and will require immediate attention. To make a judgement on whether grass is dead or dormant and how to bring it back to life in either case then read this helpful guide we have produced on our website.”

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