Local Andover News | Full Moon, Half Moon, Total EclipseTomorrow morning, parts of the UK will be able to see a partial solar eclipse. In Andover and the surrounding villages, it will be an 85% solar eclipse and there will not be another for over ten years.

The height of the solar eclipse above Andover will be at 09:28am.

There will also be a Supermoon tonight (19th March 2015), or perigee moon, meaning the Earth and Moon are at the closest they can ever be. This makes this 2015 Spring Equinox eclipse a supermoon eclipse – meaning that a supermoon, an equinox and an eclipse will all fall on the same day.

The UK is in prime position to see a total solar eclipse on Friday 20 March, but looking directly at the sun can harm your retinas, causing permanent damage to your eyesight. If you haven’t been able to get CE-approved glasses, don’t rely on regular sunglasses, as they won’t protect your eyes. Instead, it’s worth looking at other techniques, such as pinhole projection.


Local news | Full Moon, Half Moon, Total Eclipse

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