Local Andover News | Fly Tippers Target Andover Industrai Estate | Andover & VillagesOver the weekend a large amount of household rubbish was dumped outside a local business.

Staff at Omnific Designs on Hopkinson Way, West Portway arrived this morning (Monday 12th September 2016) to find the pile of rubbish outside. Amongst the tipped items was a bath, arms chairs, lawn mowers, a mattress and various other items

A member of staff told Andover & Villages, “We have contacted the police and the local council and have been told that the company will need to pay to have it all removed. No one is even coming out to help us deal with it.

“We have found a credit card receipt for work boots amongst the rubbish, we hope the police will be able to trace the person who did this from that.”

Over the summer, the decision was made by Hampshire County Council to stop any commercial use of local recycling centres, one member of the public said, “This was bound to happen, if people can’t use the dump when driving a transit or work vehicle, they are going to just dump it elsewhere. The council never think things through.”

If you recognise any of the items or have any information, please contact Omnific Designs on 01264 337364.

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