Flooding for the future

A new low cost plan has been devised to slow down speeding traffic in villages around Andover, which will also bring down the cost of road maintenance. The plan is to use the local bournes and springs to reintroduce fords in many villages, this would force vehicles to slow down and reduce the need for the highways agency to repair the roads.

The Rural Council Association has been pushing to reduce speed limits in villages and highlighted the fear of fast moving traffic often puts people off walking and cycling in their villages.

Council worker, April Showers, a keen Environmentalist has been working on the project and is hoping that EU funding is available to kick start it. With all the local flooding, the idea, she claims, just popped up into her head. She said, “I was literally wading home and thought, you know, why stop the flooding? It’s reducing the speed of cars in the best way ever, and it’s, like, not even costing us anything. And, it’s environmentally friendly. I mean, how can we not be going for this?”

A spokesman for Hampshire Constabulary road policing, PC Puddle, said, “Anything that saves our officers getting cold standing by the side of the roads and reduces vehicles speeds is a good thing and will allow resources to be used more efficiently.”

Andover and Villages caught up with Wendy Wetter, a resident of Hurstbourne Tarrant, who said, “Well, it seems to make sense. If it slows people down. I think this is a good idea.”

In an opposite-to-dredging-the-rivers idea, there are plans already in place to fill the rivers, in an effort to break their banks. Anyone with any spare bottles of water will be asked to pour them into their local rivers and streams. Households will also be supplied, for free, bigger and longer hoses so that if the roads gets too dry, they can be ‘topped up’, by the community.

The Rural Council hope to have traffic control flooding in all Hampshire villages by 1st April 2015.

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