Fitness Classes in Andover

If you feel the gym is not for you, then classes offer a great way to get fit.  Progression offer a variety of classes which can be tailored to your fitness level. Classes help achieve consistency and are fun, sociable and motivational.  

3 in 1

3 in 1 basically means you will cover Cardio, Strength and Core in 30 minutes, this is a totally unique type of class and is a fun, complete workout using the most effective exercises. It’s non-stop, but all exercise can be made harder or easier depending on how you are feeling.

Class times                                                        


5.15-5.45pm        8pm                                    30mins                                    


7.15-7.45am         9.15am                                30mins

Body Control Pilates

Pilates is a mind and body class which focuses on restoring correct movement patterns, with an emphasis on your core and creating awareness on how to use your core correctly. Posture correction and alignment is key to correcting movement and improving the way we move, look and feel. Pilates is a very useful method for correcting and preventing back problems and other injuries.

Jon has 15 years of teaching Pilates in classes and one to one and has a huge amount of experience, you’r in good hands.


3pm                                                  One Hour                                        


10am                                                One hour                                          

6pm                                                 One hour                                          


A circuit class uses a lot of different exercise stations to provide a full body workout which is great for cardio, weight loss, muscle tone and strength. Because it utilises a variety of equipment, you benefit from a very complete workout which works your body from a number of angles. Another advantage of circuit training is  you can work at your own level.    


6pm                                           One hour                                                


6pm                                           One hour                                              


6pm                                           One hour                                                

Core Strength

A quick, effective 30 minute class that focuses on your core using a variety of equipment.

Tuesday       10.00am                                      30 mins                              Lucy

Wednesday   5.15pm                                       30 mins                              Lucy

Over 55’s Functional Fitness

A class aimed at the over 55’s, which focuses on exercises designed to maintain and improve heart and lung fitness, muscles, strength, balance and stability. The class consists of a circuit with approximately 20 exercises that you are free to work through at your own pace.

Please note: This class is run as a six week course and not included in membership fees. Non-Members are welcome at a cost of £40 per course.

Wednesday   10am                                           Onehour                                     

Body Tone for Women

This class works all the areas women worry about, but specifically legs, arms and abdominals. Using free-weights, kettle bells, balls and bands this class is designed to strengthen and improve muscle tone and definition.  Suitable for all ages and abilities.

Please note: This class is not included in membership fees. Non-Members are welcome at a cost of £5 per session.


6.30pm                                             45Mins                                             


9.30am (alternate)                             45Mins                                        

Progression Pump

A great overall workout using bar bells, steps and dumb bells which will work and tone your muscles, raise your heart rate and burn calories.

Please note: This class is FREE to members. Non-Members are welcome at a cost of £5 per session.

Thursday   9:15am                                           45minutes         

For more information with regards to any of Progressions classes please visit their web site or call the friendly helpful team on 01264 392239                  

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