Kellys Walk
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After being signed off from a job he dedicated himself to following an alleged period of bullying, the loved family grandfather took his own life, an inquiry heard.

Michael Atkins, 60, of Kellys Walk, Andover, became stressed at his workplace, spending weekends and late afternoons attempting to demonstrate himself to a business that he thought had “saved his life” and he then started suffering from mental health issues.

He told his wife Caryn that he had thought about taking an overdose, picking up a rope in a DIY shop before placing it back and throwing himself over the bannister at home.

Samantha Marsh, the grandfather’s family and coroner, believe that work-related stress contributed to his March 4 death.

During a medical appointment by Aggregate Industries, who had just given him a place in the business, Mr Atkins was diagnosed with lung cancer.

An inquiry into his death at Winchester Coroner’s Court on Tuesday learned that he was given the greatest care by the company and Mr Atkins was eager to return to the job after treatment, but shortly after things began to change.

The family said a fresh line manager was brought in and originally Mr Atkins believed his workload was lightened due to his diagnosis of cancer, but he also felt like he was being bullied.

Despite issues, Mr Atkins had booked a spot on a project management course and in the hours before his death, his children and grandchildren had visited for lunch and the family discussed taking a summer camping journey.

But later that night, Mrs Atkins came home from work to find her husband had hanged himself, emergency services were called, but nothing could be done to save him.

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