Facial Ageing Concerns Revealed– Ageing jowls and necks are the areas of most concern

– 41% of those in the South East consider a non-surgical skin lift compared with the UK national average of 48%

– 35% of South East respondents would own up to treatment

When it comes to the look of our ageing faces, jowls (44%) and necks (36%) are the two main areas which worry us most, according to a survey conducted by Sinclair Pharma.1 As a result of these concerns, 41% of respondents in the South East would now consider a minimally invasive procedure such as a skin lift (as opposed to a surgical face lift under general aneeshetic) compared with the UK national average of 48%.

Nationally, most of those questioned would prefer an understated look rather than a drastic change in their appearance, with more than three quarters (77%) saying they would hope to look subtly different after treatment, and just 5% wanting to look ‘dramatically different’. In terms of honesty, just 35% said they would admit to friends that they had had treatment.

Those aged 35-44 were the most likely age group to consider a minimally invasive treatment, and whilst an increasing number are interested in addressing their ageing face, safety concerns and professionalism are extremely high priorities when considering who will treat them. Crucially 82% of those surveyed in the South East said that it was important that the procedure was carried out by a fully trained doctor, as opposed to a non-medical professional. Only 6% of those surveyed said that they would be happy to have a beautician carry out the treatment.

These results come as no surprise to makers of Silhouette Soft who commissioned the survey. Silhouette Soft is a non-surgical method to lift the skin, which is leading the vanguard movement for more natural-looking anti-aging treatments, embracing the principle of ‘still me but better’ rather than leaving those treated looking like they have obviously had ‘work done’. The treatment uses unique re-absorbable surgical threads made of polylactic acid, which are dotted with a series of bi-directional cones to instantly lift the subcutaneous tissue and in time stimulate collagen production. The minimally-invasive treatment is carried out using local anaesthetic, allowing the threads to be inserted painlessly just under the skin, and takes less than an hour to carry out.

Silhouette Soft provides a unique two phased result: The lifting effect is instant yet extremely discreet, so much so that there is minimal recovery and it is possible to resume normal activity without anyone knowing that treatment has taken place. This is followed by a regenerative effect during which the body gradually produces type 1 collagen which is stronger and more elastic than type 3 (stimulated by conventional surgical PDO threads). This has the effect of restoring the youthful appearance of the face in the most natural-looking and flexible way possible. As a result Silhouette Soft is fast becoming the ‘reference treatment’ for minimally invasive skin lifting of the midface, jowls, neck and brow, allowing doctors to address a far wider scope of patients’ needs without resorting to surgery.

Such is the popularity of Silhouette Soft that over 84,000 treatments have now been carried out worldwide. Last month it was announced that the treatment has been shortlisted as a finalist in the Product Innovation of the Year category of the 2015 Aesthetic Awards (with the results being announced on 5th December 2015). The extension of the treatment to include the neck and brow will undoubtedly add to the accolades and popularity of the treatment.

The effects of a Silhouette Soft treatment last 18 months to 2 years, with prices for a brow averaging £600, a neck treatment costing £1,000 and mid face lift £1,500. Treatment is offered subject to the clinician confirming a patient’s suitability, but typically suits someone aged 40+ who can push the skin on their face upwards by around a centimeter.

To find your nearest practice offering Silhouette Soft in the South East visit http://www.silhouette-effect.co.uk.

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