Local News | Facebook Set to Replace the Like Button | Andover & VillagesFacebook‘s Like button has been around since as long as we can remember, but in a few short weeks the long-standing button is getting a major upgrade. The social network has officially revealed plans for its new “Reactions,” which will supplement the Like with five more emoji-inspired options.

Once the update hits you’ll be able to respond to your friend’s Facebook posts and comments with Love, Haha, Wow, Sad or Angry. Each option includes an animated image to express the emotion. Even the Like design is getting an update to fit in with the new options.

Facebook said the new Reactions are based on the most common responses people post to the social network, which were then boiled down into a handful of categories. The company worked with a few sociologists to make sure it included all the major human emotions. As a result, it ended up cutting out a sixth “Yay” emoji because it wasn’t universal enough.

For the billion-plus people who use Facebook, Reactions will make it easier to respond to a post when a Like feels inappropriate and a written response is unnecessary. It should also provide the company with tons of new data on all of us, making your NewsFeed and all those targeted ads more accurate than ever before.


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