There will be a delay to the eviction of the travellers who have set up residence on one of the green spaces on Augusta Park.

The green runs along the Smannell Road and is a regular stopping place for travellers, locals complain of noisy dogs barking through the night and a large amount of rubbish and human waste is left behind when the group eventually move on.

Phil North said, “The court processed our papers today (9th July 2015) and notice was served on the travellers onsite at 3:50pm to advise them of the court hearing.

“Unfortunately the court hearing date is not until the 17th July – when usually it is a day or so after papers are served. Unfortunately we cannot control the date.

“More positively, having spoken in detail to our council officer who has experience of this – it is likely they will move on in advance of the 17th as it is likely the judgement will enable bailiffs to remove them -which they will not want to happen.

“Having taken swift action I hope this particular group of travellers will think twice before they pitch up illegally in Test Valley again. As they know we will be on to them straight away. Officers have also agreed that some form of preventative measures should be put in place to make unauthorised access in this location as difficult as possible.”

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