EU Showdown Comes to AndoverJohn Hanson school was the venue for an EU referendum show down last week, when local MP Kit Malthouse hosted a lively hustings at the school.

250 people from across North West Hampshire packed into the hall to hear the case to Leave and Remain put to them by a panel of high profile thinkers and politicians who also took questions from the crowd.

On the Leave side, local resident and MEP Dan Hannan put the passionate case for the UK to resist being drawn into a country called Europe, and Dr Gerard Lyons, the renowned economist and writer supported him with the economic arguments for Brexit.

Remainers heard government minister Robert Buckland MP for South Swindon argue fiercely that the UK is stronger in the EU and he was joined by Andy Bagnall head of campaigns at the CBI who expressed the overwhelming view of big business to remain.

Mr Malthouse chaired the debate and helped the enthusiastic crowd put the panellists through their paces.

Afterwards he said “The evening was a great success and I hope satisfied the desire of many of my constituents for facts in this referendum campaign. I’d like to thank everyone who came last night, John Hanson School for kindly granting us use of their hall, and our speakers for their passion and commitment.”

“In a month’s time, Britain will be taking a decision on the most important constitutional question in decades with profound ramifications for our democracy and the kind of country we will be. It’s vital that everyone engages and I’m glad so many did just that tonight.”

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