Flooding across teh test Valley Borough Council

Test Valley Borough Council is set to contact up to 160 vulnerable homes in Romsey tomorrow as the unprecedented flooding from the River Test is set to worsen.

The letter, sent to affected properties, provides advice to occupiers about keeping themselves and their property safe, while also detailing ways of obtaining sandbags. An altered letter has been sent to commercial properties which are losing thousands of pounds in revenue due to flooding.

In an email to Borough Councillors and senior officers, Chief Executive Roger Tetstall details the possibility of the Environment Agency’s ‘Scenario C’ for the picturesque market town, which “contemplates the possibility of 160 properties in Romsey Being flooded.” Mr Tetstall goes on to say that the EA suggests, using current predictions, a “medium likelyhood” that the Test will reach levels associated with that scenario.

Also discussed are the villages of the Borough, including Kimpton, Appleshaw, Monxton, Hurstbourne Tarrant, Vernham Dean, Upton and Barton Stacey, where councillors are being contacted to get up to date information. Mr Tetstall asks about the possibility of emergency use of village halls for toilet facilities should sewage systems fail and suggests portaloos if this is not possible.

The Environment Agency localised forecast for the borough for the rest of the week is as follows:

Further rainfall is expected across the region for the rest of the week. On Wednesday a front will deliver totals of around 10-15mm in 6-8 hours. Thursday will be relatively dry with scattered showers before a front moves across on Friday night into Saturday morning. Most likely rainfall amounts are forecast to be between 15 and 30mm over a 24 hour period. The longer term outlook remains fairly unsettled but is expected to be less stormy and with lower rainfall totals than we are seeing recently.

For information on road closures please use the Hampshire County Council website http://www3.hants.gov.uk/roads/winter-maintenance/highway-flooding.htm#test_valley

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