Enham Trust Awards 2014 A Great Success!

17th November marked a very special occasion for Enham Trust; the Enham Trust Awards 2014 official ceremony – celebrating the ‘Power of Yes’ and witnessing the incredible impact such a small word can really have on the lives of so many!

With energies high and excitement aplenty, ITV Meridian News Presenter Sangeeta Bhabra took to the stage to present the awards to their deserving winners – with more awards handed out than ever before.

Of over 50 nominees; 8 carefully selected winners, across 5 categories, proudly stood in front of an enthusiastic crowd to accept their awards.

The categories and Award winners for 2014 are:

The Enham Trust Plate – Cherie Bennett

The Spirit of Enham Trust Award – Jo Thorne

The Volunteer Award – John & Maggie Bowman

Each deserving winner embodies Enham Trust’s ethos – going above and beyond to ensure disabled people live the lives they choose and have the power to say yes to all opportunities offered to them.

Inspiring winner of the prestigious Enham Trust Plate for her incredible fundraising efforts, Cherie Bennett, remarked of how disability should never be a barrier for anyone to achieve their dreams.

This year, because of the high quality of nominees, exhibiting some of the most active and impacting work with, and for the benefit of, clients, two brand new award categories were created.

These categories and their Award winners are:

Enham Trust Business Partnership Award – Abacus Newbury and Aramark

Enham Trust Fundraiser Award – Fast Row West and Simon Moate

Helping clients to achieve sustained employment is a priority at Enham Trust, and both Abacus Newbury and Aramark have helped the Trust to accomplish this; between them, so far, aiding 21 clients from the Work Programme back into employment.

Denise Stock, who nominated Aramark for the Business Partnership Award, said of the Work Program’s ongoing relationship with Aramark:

“We are so pleased that we have been able to work with Aramark… [t]hey are an understanding employer who is keen to help disadvantaged people by offering them employment, excellent training opportunities and benefits, giving them the chance to… support themselves and their families” Not only has working with Aramark enabled many clients to live independently but has also raised their overall confidence and motivated them to continue achieving in other aspects of their lives. Richard Nice, Manager of Abacus Newbury, has been at the forefront of Enham Futures – offering jobseekers the shared experience and employer contacts of both Enham Trust and Remploy, Britain’s largest employer of people with disabilities – since its launch, to get many clients into full-time, sustained work.

Both Abacus Newbury and Aramark maintain a strong affiliation with Enham Trust, the presentation of this Award marking the respect and appreciation Enham Trust has for these proactive, conscientious businesses and the possibilities the partnerships have and will continue to unlock.

Fundraising plays a vital role in enabling the ongoing work Enham Trust does and, whilst many fundraisers were considered for the Fundraising Award for their tireless efforts, Fast Row West and Simon Moate stood out as taking on some of the most valiant, selfless challenges.

Foursome Fast Row West – Jamie Sparks, Angus Collins, Hamish Khayat & Alex Simpson – have so far raised over £30,000 for Enham Trust by undertaking a hugely challenging venture: a record-breaking row across the Indian Ocean which has captured the hearts & minds of so many. Now safely back on dry land, Fast Row West’s fundraising target of £50,000 is still very much in sight and they are planning a further fundraising event to reach it!

Zoe Holland, who nominated Fast Row West for this Award, stated:

“We felt we couldn’t not recognise such an incredible achievement – both the row itself, and the amount raised.”

The second deserving winner of the Fundraising Award, Simon Moate, has been running the London Marathon on behalf of Enham Trust for almost a decade and has acted as a valuable fundraising ambassador for the Trust, bringing several more runners on board to raise funds on the Trust’s behalf; his loyalty raising over £10,000 and much appreciated awareness for the charity.

The Enham Trust Awards 2014 marks an exceptional year at Enham Trust and the year’s Award winners, even more so.

With this ceremony, Enham Trust also recognises the importance of business partnerships it is hoped will continue far into the future; demonstrating the — Power of Yes!

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