Across the globe, it’s well known that England is home to the most die-hard fans of football known to man. No country can compare to the level of fanaticism found here. From North to South, football is intertwined with daily life and the history of England. Every city big and small has their own local teams and leagues that people play in for fun and exercise. Football is not just a game, but a lifestyle and a time-honoured tradition. This incredible sport just brings families together, because the time we spend enjoying this game is time we spend together.

England is well known for its its football superfans that stick with their teams through the best and worst of times. While some clubs here are the best in the world, of course others are not at the same level. Regardless, our fans stick by their chosen club and attend every game. Here is a review of what makes football in England so great, and a look into how this sport became the most culturally important here.

History of Football in England

The history of football in England is a rich and lengthy affair that goes back over 800 years. The sport as we know it today, however, began around 1863 when the Football Association was formed, bringing a unified set of rules and parameters. Some of the oldest clubs date back to the 1780s, and the first international match recorded was around 1872 when England played against Scotland. It wasn’t long before football was brought to the public schools, introducing generations of young people to the brilliant game.

What Football Means to England

Football is the pride and joy of England. The game unifies the entire country, and even though different teams are preferred, the game brings everyone together. It’s a chance to express where you’re from, and take pride in the city you grew up in. By supporting your home team, you are giving back to your community. When England competes in the World Cup, however, the country is unified with cries of “football is coming home.” It’s an extremely important part of the culture in every respect. Families are brought up on football, and the love of the game is often the one thing that stays true over the generations.

In the last world cup when England came so close to the championship, the build-up was incredible. It’s as though the country had come alive, renewing a sense of patriotism and pride in the beautiful lands we share. In the same respect, when it’s time for a match you see flags outside every window representing the home team. Getting together with your friends and family to enjoy a match is one of the greatest joys of living in England.

The Traditions of Football Fans

What would football be without the customs and traditions we enjoy before every match? Half of the fun is the songs and cheering before and after matches outside of our favorite pubs. Then there are the legendary scarves. A true football fan would never be caught without his scarf, showing everyone what team he has an allegiance to! Also on the topic of attire, crazy costumes are not uncommon amongst football superfans. I’ve seen everything from football pirates to knights in armour! That’s true dedication.

Every football fan knows the pub is the place to meet up before and after matches. Getting ready for a big match wouldn’t be the same without a few pints or a couple meat pies. The crowds get excited before the match starts and are always breaking out into songs and cheers that every true fan knows by heart!

Another beloved tradition of football fans is that of Boxing Day. After the Christmas celebrations are over, Boxing day is the next thing on everyone’s mind. There is simply nothing better than relaxing in a big cozy armchair and watching all of the football matches taking place on this amazing holiday.

England Supports its Clubs, Through the Good Times and the Bad.

You can travel the world, and I promise you you’ll never find fans more dedicated than English fans. Through the best of times and the worst of times, we stick by our clubs. When the World Cup was underway, fans here supported our team through every match, and the resulting feeling of unity among the English was a brilliant thing to experience, and something that will not be forgotten anytime soon. No matter how good your team does throughout the season, fans are known to support them through thick and thin, travelling to countries all around Europe to support them when they have to. While everyone has their own opinion, and some might say the Spanish fans are more fanatical, or the French fans are more passionate about their clubs, the fact of the matter is there are no better fans in the world than those found here in England and this incredible game is the lifeblood of our nation.

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