A woman suffered burns when the batteries for her e-cigarette exploded while she was driving.

The 32-year-old suffered injuries to her hands and hip as the fire started in her coat pocket and spread to her car before she was able to throw it out the window.

Fire crews were called after passers-by saw the flaming garment on the central reservation.

Andover crew manager Alison Stone said: “We were called out to a fire on the central reservation.

“When we arrived we were told about the injured woman who had pulled over in a layby.

“We dealt with the fire and treated the woman’s injuries.”

The fire happened by the Hundred Acres Roundabout, in Andover, on May 4 at 5.29pm.

The BMW driver was then passed into the care of South Central Ambulance Service (SCAS).

Paul Channing, Station Manager for Community Safety said: “This incident is a reminder of the importance of buying all electrical goods from reputable sellers and to use the correct charger you brought with each item.”

Emma Drackford, Communications Director of Electrical Safety First said: “Batteries should never be stored loose, or kept next to keys, coins or other metal objects.

“When these type of materials connect with batteries, it may cause them to discharge, posing a real risk of burns and fire.

“Make sure you keep batteries in their packaging or a protective case to avoid things like this happening to you.”

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