Don’t miss out on your vote

The way that people register to vote changed earlier this summer. The new system is called Individual Electoral Registration. Across Test Valley most people already registered to vote were automatically carried across to the new system and did not need to do anything. Confirmation has already been sent to these people.

However, some people needed to take action to join the new register. Test Valley Borough Council wrote to all those affected explaining what steps they would need to take. A small core of people has not responded to the letters that were sent, or to the canvassers who have been visiting properties to follow up.

A second round of canvassers will be out across the borough from 27 October for three weeks. If you haven’t completed your individual registration by 1 December, 2014 you could lose out on your chance to vote in the next election, even if you had a postal or proxy vote previously.

So don’t delay. If you received a letter from the Council over the summer months asking you to take action, please get in touch with us. Don’t miss out on your right to vote.

Enquiries should be directed to Electoral Services via , or telephone: 01264 368000 or visit the web:

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