Don’t Feel Old Feel Fit!

Many individuals over 55 often feel they would like to improve their movement , balance, strength and mobility. But many do not know where to start or what is available to them. As we age, we often have problems with restricted movement, previous injuries or we simply feel we are too old to join a gym and may feel completely out of place.

Progression Fitness have noted all these concerns and have tailored a specific class in order to assist over 55’s with many of these issues.

The‘ Over 55 class’ is a circuit based routine accompanied by age appropriate music! There are a number of different exercises using various pieces of equipment from steps, to light dumb bells, to walking with kettle bells and balancing exercises. The friendly class offers a great social environment for the over 55s to meet up with like-minded people and to improve their strength, mobility and co-ordination.

Many of the members of the ‘ Over 55’s class’ have been regular attendees for a long time and have seen much improvement in both their general fitness, and in their overall functional fitness. Any type of exercise requires commitment and consistency and this class is no exception. But the improvements people see will have many long-term benefits.

To find out more information about the class, whether for yourself or a member of your family,give Progression Fitness a call or drop in for a chat. There is always some one there to help!

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