Pet News | Dogs Trust Remind Owners to Update MicrochipsWith home buying season kicking into gear, the UK’s largest dog welfare charity, Dogs Trust, today revealed that although many dog owners in the South East have microchipped their dogs, there is still a significant lack of knowledge surrounding the repercussions of not updating details.

As one of life’s more stressful events, research conducted by Dogs Trust has identified that there is more to relocating than simply unpacking boxes and updating the digital TV subscription. With 28% of respondents in the South East having moved more than once over the last five years, 40% confessed they have not updated their pets’ microchips each time.

Over one in ten surveyed admitted that their much-loved family dog strayed after a property move, with a third admitting their pooch left within just 48 hours of being in the new area. Despite usually seeing their pet as a family member, 29% have put him or her at risk of not being found by waiting an entire month to update vital information on the chip after settling into a new place. This makes it even harder to reunite owners with their animals even once they have been picked up by a Local Authority. Furthermore, 75%* of dog owners in the South East are unaware that they only have seven days to recover a missing dog from a Local Authority before he/she is rehomed or potentially put to sleep – proving just how vital it is to update pets’ address details as soon as possible.

Trevor Cooper, Dogs Trust Dog Law Specialist, said, “The first week of a house move is such a crucial time for our pets. Our research shows 42% of dog owners in the South East have experienced their canines straying within seven days after a move. Of those found, half informed us their dogs travelled back to their old home, suggesting that they craved familiar surroundings. To help avoid stressful situations during what is actually an exciting new chapter, we wish for all dog owners to ensure that updating microchips is brought to the top of their priority list.”

The recent research also unearthed further surprises surrounding general microchipping knowledge, with a significant 57% of respondents not realising that microchipping will be compulsory in England in April 2016.

Adrian Burder, CEO of Dogs Trust says, “Losing a dog is an extremely upsetting time for both dog and dog owner, incorrect address details can only intensify an already very stressful moment. We encourage all dog owners who have recently moved to update their dogs’ microchip details; you can do it online, by telephone or by post.”

Along with microchipping, updating dogs’ microchips with the correct details will be compulsory in England by April 2016. To find out more information on microchip databases and how to update a microchip, please visit

· 40% of the South East’s dog owners admit to not updating their dogs’ microchips each time they have moved homes

· The main reason for this is that they didn’t know they had to (20%)

· A mere 11% of dog owners revealed they consider updating their dogs’ microchips post-move a priority, with sorting digital TV contracts coming above this

· 57% of dog owners in the South East are unaware of legislation that will make microchipping compulsory in England by April 2016

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