Dog friendly Pubs, Tea Rooms and RestaurantsBe Dog Friendly, supported by Dog Friendly, is a campaign run by the Kennel Club which aims to reward and encourage businesses and public places across the UK to adopt a dog friendly attitude towards the nation’s 8 million dogs.

Dogs are often regarded as man’s best friend, but unfortunately do not always get treated as such, with dog owners finding it difficult at times to go to shops, restaurants and other places with their four-legged friends. Whilst there are over 32,000 businesses and public places listed on, we owe it to our canine companions to promote fairer access for them and their owners.

There is a misconception in the UK that dogs are not allowed in premises where food is served, such as restaurants and cafes. This is not the case: it is only food preparation areas that are out of bounds, not areas where food is served and sold. The only legal obligation on the owner of such a place is to make sure there is no risk of contamination and that all food preparation areas are up to specified hygiene standards, as set out in EU Regulation (EC) 852/2004, Annex II, applied in the UK by the Food Hygiene Regulations 2006. Why should you be dog friendly?

There are many benefits for businesses and workplaces that decide to open their doors to the nation’s dog owners and their dogs. Not only are there financial benefits but it also improves atmosphere, productivity and much more. Read more about the benefits of being Dog Friendly here. Be Dog Friendly Awards

Every year, the Kennel Club rewards a selection of places that are accessible and welcoming to dogs in the Be Dog Friendly Awards, which is based completely on public nominations. Dog owners (and non-dog owners) can vote for their favourite dog friendly places and help get them the recognition they deserve.

Be Dog Friendly Week

Be Dog Friendly Week is a week dedicated to encouraging businesses and workplaces to trial a dog friendly policy for well-behaved dogs – whether for just a day or the whole week. It is the perfect opportunity for businesses owners and managers to discover the many benefits of having a dog friendly establishment and to reach out to the nation’s 8 million dog owners. ‘Petiquette’: tips to ensure your dog is welcome

As dog owners we need to ensure that the experience of a business or workplace welcoming your dog into their premises is a positive one.

Sign up to be a dog friendly business

If you are a dog friendly business why not sign up for your free listing on the dog friendly website so that dog owners can find you with ease?

How to register:

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