Keep An Eye Out For A Sheep In Trouble

At this time of year is worth being aware of a common sheep problem.

Kessing, also known as cowped or being ‘cast’ happens when sheep get itchy.

More prevalent in the summer months, especially as the temperature rises, the sheep sweat under the fleece and look for ways to relieve the itch, often landing on their back.

Nine times out of ten, they are able to wriggle their way out and get back on their feet, but occasionally they are not so lucky and become cowped.

If left in this position it can lead to death within a couple of hours. The sheep will swell from gas and pass away in pain. It also leaves them vulnerable to predators such as Crows and Ravens.

So, if you are walking through the countryside and you see this, and there is no farmer around, roll the sheep over and get them back on their feet as soon as possible, it will probably save their life!

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