Lifestyle News | DIY Disaster Adults | Andover & VillagesNOT-SO-HANDY UK adults avoid common household DIY tasks due to a lack of confidence in their abilities, according to new research.

The survey of 1,483 UK homeowners and tenants carried out by Emo Oil, a home heating oil supplier, revealed that a nervous 52% of UK adults would immediately call on professional assistance before trying to fix a DIY issue themselves.

In fact, the majority (77%) of adults living in the UK do not feel confident to carry out simple home DIY tasks.

More than 1 in 3 (36%) also confess to having a local handyman on speed dial, to offer help with the home improvement and renovation jobs they can’t do.

The most common DIY task UK adults weren’t familiar with is fixing a leaking tap, which more than two in three (67%) don’t know how to.

Second on the list is changing a plug and fuse, something that more than half (59%) can’t carry out.

This was followed by hanging wallpaper, with 52% citing they are uncertain of how to do this, making even a simple room refresh, a difficult task.

Replacing light fittings (47%) and sealing doors and windows (44%), followed in the top 5 DIY tasks that adults in the UK avoid.

Suzanne Waddell, Group Marketing Manager at Emo Oilsaid: “It’s interesting to see how, despite having access to a wealth of information at our fingertips, a significant number of UK homeowners and tenants don’t feel confident in their abilities to carry out simple DIY tasks around the home.

“There are some DIY jobs that are best left to the professionals, but there are other simple tasks which individuals could save money on by doing these themselves. Once they have the know-how, they realise how much easier it makes life and they can get to work on the task at hand, rather than waiting for a professional to step in.

“There are a number of online platforms offering great detailed or video tutorials on popular DIY tasks, just be sure to ensure you’re viewing information from a credible and trustworthy source, especially where electrical items are involved. Once you feel fully informed you’ll have much greater confidence in the task at hand and can start reaping the benefits of doing it yourself!”

The other DIY jobs that made up the top 10 tasks that UK adults can’t do included unblocking a sink (38%), changing a bulb (27%), hanging pictures, shelving and mirrors (21%), assembling flat pack furniture (16%) and painting walls and furniture (13%).

When it comes to non-professional help and advice, 55% would ring a friend or family member and 79% would consult a video sharing website for guidance if they were unable to tackle the DIY job themselves. 

The Top 10 DIY Tasks UK Adults Can’t Do

Changing a plug – 67%

Fixing a leaking tap – 59%

Hanging wallpaper – 52%

Replacing a light fitting – 47%

Sealing windows and doors – 44%

Unblocking a sink – 38%

Changing a bulb – 27%

Hanging pictures, shelves and mirrors – 21%

Assembling flat pack furniture – 16%

Painting walls and furniture – 13%

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