Diabetes UK Back to School Support for Parents and SchoolsStarting a new school year can be daunting for any child, and for children with Type 1 diabetes it can be even more worrying. Having to make sure they are supported when counting the carbohydrates in their food, as well as taking insulin to manage glucose levels, would make anyone anxious on top of school work and exams.

Some children are still struggling to get the care and support they need to manage their diabetes or other health conditions, and fully participate in school life, despite it being a legal requirement in England since September 2014.

This could be putting the child’s safety at risk as well as comprising their academic potential.

This is why Diabetes UK has produced a raft of free support and education resources for parents and schools. This includes offering the Care in School Helpline to help concerned parents and hosting the Good Diabetes Care in School Award which exemplifies exactly what good care in schools looks like.

School staff and parents in South East England can visit our website to get free materials or contact our dedicated helpline with any school related queries.

Supported by our National Charity Partnership with Tesco, the Care in School Helpline is staffed by trained volunteers who can provide information about children’s rights as well as emotional support for what is usually a stressful time for parents.

To find out what support we offer or to contact the Care in School Helpline, call 0345 123 2399 or visit


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