Develop Your Child’s Independent Learning Skills with Kumon

At your local Andover Study Centre, Kumon offers individualised maths and English study programmes which are tailored to your child’s age and ability. Established for over 50 years, the Kumon programmes enable children to develop their study skills and confidently tackle advanced work.

Kumon develops children through the acquisition of independent learning skills, rather than teaching in the conventional sense. Your child will be equipped with the ability to learn for themselves so they do not become dependent on – or limited by – the skills and knowledge of others.

At Kumon, we have a desire to create a generation of confident, independent learners who take pride in their studies. The primary aim of the Kumon Method is to develop independent learning skills. To achieve this, Kumon study takes students beyond the level they are studying at school and provides learning materials which are unfamiliar and compel them to develop new learning strategies to deal effectively with new challenges.

Kumon worksheets are designed with examples and instructions to support students to be able to learn for themselves. Every new topic is introduced with examples, instructions, notes or definitions to guide our students independently and learn from them.

They also learn to correct their own mistakes, further increasing their confidence in their ability to solve new problems. This also gives your child a real sense of accomplishment.

Kumon Educational is the UK’s largest supplementary education provider, with over 70,000 students studying at more than 670 study centres.

The Kumon Andover Study Centre is located at Unit 23, Walworth Enterprise Centre, Duke Close, West Way, Andover SP10 5AP with classes running on Mondays and Thursday 3.30pm – 6pm and Saturday 9am – 11am

For more information, contact Carrie James, Instructor on 01985 215 661 or email

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