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Enham Trust, a local charity that supports people with disabilities, had its gardening equipment stolen by heartless thieves on Thursday 28th March 2019.

Staff were called at around midnight and alerted to the break-in, it is understood that the security team were patrolling another site at the time.

Twenty pieces of various gardening equipment were stolen ranging from strimmers, hedge cutters, chainsaws and leaf blowers roughly equating to around £10,000 worth of equipment.


Nigel Sully, Head of Gardening Enterprise at Enham Trust said:

“As a social enterprise, we are a not for profit organisation, providing general gardening services to Andover residents not-for-profit profit basis, which in turn provides employment opportunities to those who may have a disability or employment support need”

“The impact of this break in obviously hits us financially but more so on a personal level. My team has been deeply affected by this, they can’t understand why someone would do this to an organisation such as Enham Trust, that supports so many vulnerable people”

“I would like the perpetrators to understand the real impact this has had on the enterprise, and the disabled people here. If they were to come here and actually understand what it is we are trying to achieve they perhaps would think twice. Machinery can be replaced but it takes time to rebuild confidence and moral when these things happen”

Enham Trust is Hampshire’s leading disability charity, positively supporting over 6500 disabled people.

If you’d like to donate to Enham Trust to help them to buy new equipment or to support the charity in general, visit enhamtrust.org.uk/donate/

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