Health and Fitness | Defend Yourself with Bandong Ryok | Andover & VillagesOne of the main reasons people learn any martial art is to be defend themselves, should the need ever arise. There is no exception at Andover Taekwondo club, Bandong Ryok.

While learning proper leg and hand techniques, as well as the power that goes with them, emphasis is also placed upon self-defence in reference to ‘real life’ situations, something that is often overlooked.

However, self-defence is completely personal to you and so the tuition will be tailored around you and you are able to develop methods that are more effective to your gender, age and size.

Mr Reeves, the instructor of Bandong Ryok, as well as 20 years of training in Taekwondo, also studies Jiu-jitsu and freely intersperses elements of both. Where Taekwondo deals mostly with being on your feet, Jui-jitsu covers a lot of ground attack and defence.

You will be trained to overcome your initial instincts and replace them with effective methods to be able to free yourself. For example, one of the most common things you will see when someone is being strangled is that they will go for the hands around their neck. While it will be everyone’s number one instinct, unless trained otherwise, it is possibly the number one worst thing you can do, besides doing nothing. That, along with many, many others, is one thing you will trained to get out of.

It doesn’t matter who you are, when it comes to self-defence training, almost everyone can be given an advantage over anyone else, including children. And when it comes to real life: if it works, it isn’t wrong.

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