On Saturday the 12th of December at 12:00 three guys from CrossFit Blockhouse in Andover (www.crossfitblockhouse.co.uk), will be embarking on a charity challenge to raise money for two charities dear to their hearts. Charities we have had personal dealings with and or know of people who have benefited from their great work. They are The Felix Fund Bomb Disposal Charity and The Not Forgotten Association. Both are military charities and links are provided below to check out their great work along with a description of what they do.  

The Challenge – Will be undertaken by three guys who are, Robert Soutar member of CF Blockhouse who is currently serving in 11 EOD Regt RLC, Spencer Whiteley an ex Army Veteran and co owner of CF Blockhouse and Stephen Brown ex Royal Marine and member of CF Blockhouse. All are members of the local community who live in Andover and Tidworth.

They will be attempting to complete 100 rounds of a famous CrossFit  workout that goes by the name of “Chelsea”. One round is 5 pull up’s, 10 Press up’s and 15 squats, in addition they will all complete a 1mile run to finish. This will be attempted as fast as possible to set a new record. This on its own would be a significant challenge, but they will be doing this wearing a full bomb disposal suit which weighs in at approximately 40kgs. They will each be on constant rotation until all the work is done and they will all run the final mile together in full suits.

Total work done will be 500pull up’s , 1000 press up’s, 1500 squats and 3miles run all in a very restrictive, warm and heavy bomb suit.  

The Challenge will start at 12:00 and the guys are aiming to complete it in under 2 hours, this is a tall order but it’s their aim and they are determined. There will be some fun family fitness challenges running concurrently to the challenge, with some small prizes up for grabs. There will also be a raffle organised around the event with some great experiences and prizes to be won all in the aid of increasing the overall donations. On the day Tidworth Troop, 721 EOD Sqn, 11 EOD Regt will be in attendance. This is a real life, working bomb disposal team; they will be on site with their vehicle and equipment including ‘robots’. There will be team members there to assist, demo and explain different pieces of kit and systems to help elevate the enjoyment.

There will be some light refreshments available on the day at more than reasonable prices and all proceeds will go to the charities.  

So bring the family (children more than welcome), come along and have some fun, cheer on the guys, you may even win a prize.

Most importantly below are the just giving links and a bit of detail on both the charities. Thank you in advance for your support.



The Not Forgotten Association-

What They Do -The aims of the Association have remained much the same as they were when it was formed in 1920: to provide leisure and recreation for the benefit of serving and ex-service personnel who are wounded or have sustained permanent injuries. More recently, the involvement of our Armed Forces in places such as Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan has highlighted the dangers of operational service and the continued need for our work.

We take great care to ensure that our unique and varied annual programme of concerts, outings, holidays, the Summer Garden Party and the Christmas Tea Party, as well as the provision of televisions and TV Licences remains relevant and appealing to all our service men and women, both those who have served in recent conflicts and veterans of previous wars. The Association offers activities which many of us often take for granted. However, for the thousands of injured and wounded serving and ex-service men and women, many of who are lonely and vulnerable, our support can bring genuine happiness, a much needed boost and something to which they can look forward. Our servicemen and women make gallant sacrifices defending our nation’s interests and the freedom of others. When they are injured in the course of their duty, they really do deserve our support to ensure that they are not forgotten. If you think that you, or someone you know, may be eligible for our help please contact us, or your military association or service benevolent charity.  

Link – http://www.nfassociation.org/contact-us/  

    Felix Fund-

Felix Fund exists to support any military personnel who have conducted or assisted with Explosive Ordnance Disposal duties, and their families. This includes ammunition technical officers, ammunition technicians, ECM operators, drivers, infantry escorts, weapons intelligence specialists, dog handlers, searchers or any other military personnel involved in EOD duties. Our current focus is funding therapeutic normalisation breaks to help bomb disposal teams readjust to life in the UK after serving in Afghanistan. We are also raising money for welfare and rehabilitation facilities, and building a hardship fund for all. This fund will of course support the trade’s many injured and bereaved, but also members of the wider ‘bomb disposal family’ who have otherwise fallen on hard times.  

Link – http://www.felixfund.org.uk/

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