Council Urges Public Not to Light Sky LanternsHampshire County Council is urging anyone thinking of releasing sky lanterns to celebrate the New Year to think again, after receiving widespread public support for the ban it has imposed covering its own land and properties.

Council Leader Roy Perry has received a great number of emails from people concerned about the consequences that the release of sky lanterns can have for animals and the environment. Many more have written to thank the Council for its actions and said they hope that other councils would follow suit.

Councillor Perry made a decision in September to ban the use of sky lanterns on all County Council-owned property in response to a growing number of safety concerns due to their fire risk and risk to livestock, animals and damage to crops and property.

Councillor Perry said: “We’ve had concerns about the safety of sky lanterns and the potential damage they can cause for some time. As well as their impact on the environment, livestock and animals including littering on land and at sea, they are a potential hazard to air traffic, coastal shipping and consumer safety. We’ve also urged others to consider imposing a similar ban relating to events and activities in their grounds and premises. There are many other less hazardous ways to mark this special occasion that don’t present such risks so I would ask people to think twice.”

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