Council Set to Go Pot Holing Following the article on Andover & Villages last week, the wheels have been turning at various stages of local government, with the large pothole on Charlton Road at the centre of discussions. Cllr Iris Andersen read the article on the Andover & Villages website and immediately got in touch with Test Valley Borough Council, who in turn directed the query to the Hampshire County Council Highways department.

It has now been confirmed that the pothole at the junction of Junction Road and Charlton Road has been subject to repair a staggering four times since June 2014. A spokesperson at Hampshire County Council told Andover & Villages, “Depending on weather conditions and the surrounding area of the defect this type of reactive repair can, and often does, prove to be suitable as a permanent repair.

“This avoids the need for costly and high impact planned traffic management. In this case we will be required to apply for, and set up, three-way temporary traffic lights to implement a ‘proper’ repair. This is now being organised.”

So far, reactive repairs were undertaken as follows:

20 June 14, cold repair

22 Aug, hot repair

5 Nov, hot repair

29 Jan, hot repair

A further temporary repair has been arranged to take place, which will keep the area safe until the permanent works can be carried out.

Councillor Seán Woodward, Executive Member for Economy, Transport and Environment at Hampshire County Council, said, “Roads are a priority for Hampshire County Council and in recent years we have put significant extra investment into improving the resilience of roads against the impact of heavy traffic and the weather. With 5,280 miles of road to look after, much of it rural, this is a substantial task. The damage caused to the roads last winter was severe, and we secured an extra £17.5m from government to help with the costs of winter repairs, though we estimated the damage amounted to over £35m.

“So far this financial year we have fixed over 105,000 potholes, resurfaced 90km of road, and extended the ‘life’ of 200km of road with surface dressing materials. Our investment in good and safe infrastructure is paying off with Hampshire coming top of all county councils in the National Highways and Transport Public Satisfaction survey for highways maintenance in 2014. We are always grateful for the public’s help in alerting us to potholes using our online reporting system at”

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