A man has been prosecuted after a Test Valley Borough Council investigation found that he was operating without a waste carriers licence in the borough.

Darren Dredge was stopped by council officers in Charlton last July.

Earlier this month at Basingstoke Magistrates Court Mr Dredge admitted the charge that on 27 July 2018 he transported controlled waste without the correct licence. He was fined £633 and made to pay a £63 victim surcharge as well as the council’s investigation and court costs of £500.

A spokesperson from the council’s environmental service team, said: “If you are advertising yourself as a waste carrier, or carrying out work like this then you must know the rules and regulations that are in place for good reason.

“The council’s environmental service is always happy to help with those who are unsure of their waste responsibilities. I would urge anyone looking for assistance in getting rid of their waste to check the licences and qualifications of those who offer to help.

“I am pleased that we have been successful in this prosecution and I hope this acts as a sufficient deterrent going forward.”

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