Local News | Repair your own Pot Holes | Andover & VillagesThe council has announced today that there isn’t enough money to repair the increasing pot holes across Andover & the Villages.

Anyone with a pothole outside of their property will now be responsible for its repair and will receive instructions on how to buy a pot hole repair kit, collapsable cone and high vis jacket from Amazon, a fine of £1000 will be payable by the householder if the pothole is not repaired within 7 days, allowing for Amazon delivery times and understanding the instructions.

Spokesperson for the local council Flora Lipso told Andover & Villages, “It is a sad reality that local roads just haven’t coped with the recent weather and the potholes in the area are terrible, some are big enough to paddle in and the council has to admit defeat.

“We put together a new committee of five councillors on how to address the increasing issue of pot holes, they met every friday in local pubs for the last 3 months, ensuring expenses were kept to £80 per councillor, per night with the stipulation that they must only drink pints of locally brewed real ales, giving value to the taxpayer, whilst also supporting local business.

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“The committee understand how much local residents take pride in the local area and that they want to minimise damage to their vehicles.

“As the pub sessions progressed into the early hours, councillors spoke to a few people for feedback and decided that locals should be responsible for fixing the roads themselves and that they should buy the kits from Amazon to fix the potholes outside of their own homes.

“The best bit of this non optional scheme is that the public only need to buy the high vis jacket and collapsable cones once – its a great investment.

“If you have a pothole outside of your house, you are liable to a £1000 fine if you do not order the kit and repair it within 7 days.”

Pot Hole Repair kits – £135.00

Collapsible flashing cones – £13.87

High vis jacket -£2.87

The scheme starts today, Sunday 1st April 2018.

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