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COUNCILS will use a new specialist who will receive nearly £50,000 per year to decrease the county’s suicide rate.

In an effort to decrease the frequency of suicides by 10% by 2020/21, Hampshire County Council and Southampton City Council (SCC) worked together for 12 months to hire a suicide avoidance program director.

The report emerges following reports that the amount of Hampshire suicides has increased previously this week.

The Program Manager is working throughout Southampton, Portsmouth, The Isle of Wight and Hampshire.

This new position will be funded by the Sustainability & Transformation Partnership of Hampshire and Isle of Wight, which coordinates health and care across Hampshire, Southampton, Portsmouth and Wight Island, since the UK has received just under £ 500,000 for local murder avoidance from the NHS England.

The fresh expert will operate with SCC, HCC, NHS Trusts, clinical commissions, county, town and county authorities and schools, the social industry and those with a long expertise in homicide. The specialists will operate with SCC and HCC.

The system will seek to enhance primary care assistance, enhance self-harm care, train and promote individuals in workplaces as well as debt (for and without job), and provide the assistance they need for individuals who are impacted by Suicide.

HCC chief public health secretary Cllr Judith Grajewski stated, “Suicide has a catastrophic effect on people and family members, and therefore avoidance is a concern for us. The general figures are low but any boost, no matter how small, is an issue of interest, in comparison to the domestic median. It is therefore our intention to operate with our colleagues to guarantee adequate assistance, both for incidence prevention, and for helping those impacted by suicide. “Reports show that in Hampshire 101 individuals commited suicide last year, as opposed to 88 in 2016 and 98 in 2017.

In Southampton, the amount of suicides increased from 24 in 2017 to 27 in 2018, with 16 in 2018 and eight in 2017, doubling in Winchester.

SCC is to serve the fresh suicide program administrator and it could be charged between £ 43,662 and £ 49,398 in accordance with the option proposed by SCC.

“We are happy to work with Hampshire County Council and Community associates to tackle the avoidance of suicides in our region, adopting this positive measure to enhance mental health among our citizens,” stated Mr. Cllr David Schields, Cabinet Member for the healthy, secure town of the SCC. I trust this fresh position will assist us achieve the most susceptible groups–especially mid-age people–to assist decrease crime incidences in Hampshire and Southampton. “If you think that you may have been near to suicidal thinking or have severely damaged or tell someone you are–call 999 or go straight to A&E. Samaritans can also be called unlimited times from any telephone any moment, day or evening: 116 123.

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