Council Grants Funding For Community ProjectsHampshire County Council is looking to make some changes in the way it supports community organisations and initiatives through grant funding.

Councillor Andrew Gibson, Executive Member for Culture, Recreation and Countryside at Hampshire County Council said: “Its good news that, even though we’ve had to make savings, after a thorough review, there is still a way that we will be able continue to fund the majority of the community organisations and initiatives we have been able to in the past.

“The Council receives half the level of funding from Government it did four years ago, and is having to look at every area of spend to see where savings might be found. Therefore, we are looking to reduce the £1million which went to culture, recreation and community projects last year by £100,000. I will be considering proposals that we do this by a combination of ensuring that the projects funded are the ones which offer the greatest value to Hampshire communities, reducing some funding by two per cent, and by some projects coming to a natural conclusion.”

Changes are also being introduced to help the supported organisations become more self-sufficient over time. Organisations that receive Culture and Recreation Investment Fund grants have been asked to develop a financial strategy, which sets out their approach to achieve financial sustainability and gradually reduce their reliance on grant funding from the County Council. This will mean that, as pressure increases on the County Council to reduce spending on grants, the organisations that receive them will become better able to support themselves.

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