Conservatives Slam Hooke's Campaign to Fundraise for NepalA local Conservative Councillor has slammed Tony Hooke for publicly putting his campaign on hold to fundraise for victims of the Nepal disaster.

Hooke and his following of independent TVBC candidates have announced that their campaigns are on hold whilst they raise money for the disaster in Nepal.

Hooke told Andover & Villages, “We are four square united on this, Andover has its problems, but it is nothing compared to what is going on in Nepal right now.

“The independent councillors would have had leaflets printed this weekend that would have cost money, we are donating that money to the disaster fund and will be going door to door at the weekend to gather clothes, cash and anything people can spare to help those in need in Nepal.

“This is an important weekend in terms of the election, and all six of us (Russell Tarrant, Steve McKellar, Nick Thirsk, Tony Hooke, Richard Kidd and Alex Gillies) are still determined and dedicated to the election, but the needs of the people in Nepal are more important right now.”

A local Conservative Councillor slammed Tony Hooke’s announcement today by saying, “Speak to the head of Neighbourcare, who was used in Hooke’s last campaign two years ago and promised them his councillor’s allowance of 12K, they have had nothing to this date and are angry they were used.

“They have said they are highly embarrassed for being duped. Normally this would not bother me, but to use charities and the devastation of an event for political gain and media is disgusting.”

Andover & Villages spoke to Pam Delderfield, Manager of Andover Neighbourcare, who said, “I can confirm that for the year 2013/2014 Tony Hooke did indeed donate his councillor allowance to us.”

In response to the allegations by a Conservative Councillor, Hooke said, “The reality is that there is a gravy train in Andover, which I relentlessly upset. These councillors are getting money for old rope, they are not putting their money where their mouth is and are not on the front line helping the locals of Andover.

“There is a real need for helping the people in Nepal and whoever this sad councillor is, I would suggest they stand up and address me publicly instead of sneaking to the press.

“I challenge the Conservative Councillors in this town to put their hands in their pockets and donate to the people of Nepal, that’s what this is about.”

Donations of cash or clothes can be dropped off at Broadway Garage Andover. Anyone who would like to volunteer their help can contact Steve or Tony on 01264 352489. All donations or help are most welcome.

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