Conservatives Pull Out of Andover Town CouncilLocal Conservative Councillors have decided to pull out of Andover Town Council in this year’s elections.

A decision that appears to be a move to allow the town council to be more of a community council than a party political one has come as a shock to some.

Conservative Town Councillor, Phil North, told Andover & Villages, “I am not planning to stand, and I think the general thinking amongst some colleagues is that the town council should be for community-minded individuals to run rather than be party political.”

Karen Hamilton, another Conservative Town Councillor, told Andover & Villages, “I do feel that the Town Council did need the experience of Borough Councillors when it first started, as their knowledge has been essential a lot of the times.

“I believe the TC is now at a level where it can benefit from community-minded representatives, as they will be supported by the people who will still stand again, and they can build on that experience.”

Geoff McBride, Chair of Andover Town Council, told Andover & Villages, “For the coming elections, I’d like to see some regular folk from Andover, from all backgrounds and age groups, standing for election as Town Councillors, so that we can work together to expand the Town Council and work with local communities.”

Conservative Councillor, David Drew, has also confirmed that he will not be running for Andover Town Council this year.

Conservative Town Councillors, Chris Lynn, Zilliah Brooks, Sandra Hawke, Marion Kerley and Roy Shukri, have yet to confirm their plans to stand for Andover Town Council.

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