Local Politics | Conservative Malthouse Backs Boris in EU | Andover & VillagesNorth Hampshire’s MP, Kit Malthouse has nailed his colours to Boris Johnson’s mast today, by announcing he will be voting ‘leave’ in the EU referendum vote in June 2016.

Dominating the UK press this week, news of Johnson’s plans to vote and campaign to leave the EU, were announced through a column he wrote for The Telegraph on Monday.

David Cameron retaliated by stating publicly that Johnson had ‘got it wrong’.

Malthouse and Johnson have been connected politically, since Malthouse was appointed Deputy Mayor of London in 2008.

Kit Malthouse released the following statement today;

“After long and careful deliberation I have decided to vote Leave in the up-coming EU referendum in June.

Twenty-five years ago my degree thesis was about the tribalism and impunity that led inevitably to fraud and corruption in the European Community. Since then, I have held the view that we need to think hard about our relationship with the EU. Further, I have long believed that the sprawling political project it has become will eventually result in the elimination of the nation state in Europe. I am certain that within the next decade or so there will be an election for a President of Europe; once that enormous mandate is realised, the UK will become a merely a European California or Texas, with Brussels our Washington, D.C.

The EU is fundamentally a corporatist project too, in which power coalesces around major interest groups. As vast, mighty companies consolidate in Europe, stifling competition and innovation and shouting the odds at the huge EU bureaucracy, how long before trades unions become Europe-wide in response, giving them immense supra-national powers? Who will rule our lives then? Tacit acceptance of this corporatist approach actually works against the spirit of curiosity, enterprise and invention that drive both our economic and our cultural lives.

Of course, I considered carefully the Prime Minister’s hard won deal. His achievement in giving us the referendum in the first place is significant and his diplomatic effort over the last few months has been immense. The concessions and carve outs – unprecedented in EU history – are substantial, and they have been enough to persuade many of my friends and colleagues to vote to remain on principle. I understand their convictions as I hope they will understand mine.

For my part, I cannot see how a semi-detached country can escape the political magnetism of a federal Europe given that it would be bound to participate in all its institutions. We would be drawn in as surely as gravity brings the apple to earth. Brussels as imperial capital; Great Britain the province.

For these and other reasons I will be voting Leave.”

*Photo courtesy of The Guardian

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