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Advertise with Romsey & VillagesRomsey residents should be on their guard against a scam currently doing the rounds.

This scam comes in the form of a letter delivered with your daily post from a company calling themselves ‘Pending Fund Release’.

The letter states that the recipient has definitely won a prize and gives a unique ID number with which to claim your prize.

The cost of calling the number given is made up of two parts, an access charge going to your phone company and a service charge set by the organisation you are calling. The service charge for calls can cost up to £3.60 per minute. You may be charged a one-off call charge from 5p up to £6.

Advertise with Romsey & VillagesUpon calling the number, the victim, will hear a recorded message which lasts for approximately 10 minutes. The call then cuts off.

Others have reported being notified they have won a digital camera which will be sent upon receipt of £6.50 to cover the cost of postage.

People each year are unfortunately drawn to these fake competitions that promise large sums of money or fantastic prizes and that is why the only way to prevent these exploitative scams is to identify what is real and what is a legitimate competition. So before you send out any money or hand out personal details ensure that you are replying to a genuine competition.

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