Locals from in and around Barton Stacey are battling plans to build an incinerator in one of Test Valley’s most beautiful village.

After being told that the incinerator could be working 24 hours a day and lead to vehicles, mostly lorries – could arrive on an average of every four minutes.

US-based company Wheelabrator plans to build a waste to energry facility next to the A303 could generate more than 400 vehicle movements a day.

However, after many written questions, the US company has admitted the number would be much larger.

Members of the Keep Test Valley Beautiful – ‘No Monstrous Incinerator’ group, set up to fight the proposals, say they now have added concerns over noise and light emanating from the site.

Spokesperson Andy Jolliffe said: “This response demonstrates Wheelabrator clearly believe the road system is already under considerable pressure, plus the extra traffic from this incinerator will only make things much worse, and their attempt to mitigate this by requesting a 24-hour operation is totally inappropriate – just think of the additional nighttime noise and light pollution.

“To suggest it’s ‘prudent’ to include trucks to take the bottom ash away is astonishing, as to whether the ash is recycled or not, these extra trucks will still be needed. How do they think it will leave the site?”

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