Cllr Ian Carr, Leader of TVBC Answers - Was The £3m Bus Station Improvement Money Well Spent?

Question 1

Do you think the 3 million pound spent on the bus station improvement scheme was the best investment of the money procured through the developers contributions, given that Tesco is leaving and we have managed without a bus station for a year and funding for bus routes is being decreased?


Yes I do.  The capital funding of £2.9 million has been invested to extend and refurbish the bus station. The finance has come from contributions from developers responsible for major commercial and housing construction schemes in the area, as part of their planning agreements, in this case, to improve facilities for bus passengers. 

Redevelopment of the bus station is an integral part of the Andover Town Access Plan. In developing the Plan, it was recognised that the bus station’s capacity would need to be expanded to cope with the anticipated increase in the number of passengers and buses from the major development areas of East Anton, Picket Twenty and Andover Airfield.

The new facilities will provide the following benefits:

  • additional space for buses and coaches;
  • an enclosed waiting and internal seating area;
  • a café;
  • a Shopmobility facility to enable people with restricted mobility to hire mobility scooters or wheelchairs;
  • office accommodation for the bus operator including an enquiries desk;
  • office accommodation for Test Valley Community Services;
  • and electronic passenger information systems.
The fact that Tesco’s Metro is closing for commercial reasons is not material to the provision of the bus station.  The bus station upgrade has been a number of years in the planning and has taken a year to build, I am sure the bus users will welcome the new facility after spending a year using the current arrangements.   New bus routes have been provided to meet the need of the new housing developments. 

Question 2 

All of you, just … resign?


I stand by the council’s record and because we have been democratically and legally elected to the Council by the residents for a four year period to deliver the services to the Borough.    The next elections are in 2015.    

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