Horrible Smells in Tesco Get an Explanation

Reports of a reoccurring pungent issue at Andover Tesco on River Way has returned this week, leaving the town wondering where the smell actually comes from. The local Facebook Spotted group have had many comments claiming the smell is a result of staff pouring away chicken fat down drains and others saying that drainage pipes had been jet washed leaving behind the smelly odour. Other reasons include the fish counter being blamed for water residue from their sink.

Andover and Villages have spoken to Tesco Head Office and were told that, because of the site being built on wet marshy ground, the Tesco River Way building has pumps in place around the site in order to regularly drain the water away, a couple of the pumps in question have broken this last week and that after the recent heavy rainfall this has caused a build up of stagnant water, which is giving the store a horrible sewage/egg/fish type smell that locals are all too familiar with.

A Tesco spokesperson said: “Due to the rainy weather water levels at the store have built up. Unfortunately, there was an issue with the pumps, which means not all of the excess water has been drained. The problem is being fixed and we apologise to our customers for any inconvenience caused.”

Tesco has confirmed that the pump repairs are under way on the River Way Tesco site today (Wednesday 6th November 2013) and that the smell should be cleared in the next day or so.

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